About Us.

Our Mission

Aficionado Foods (AF) empowers and supports the growth of under-invested and underrepresented food & beverage entrepreneurs as they build and scale nutritious, socially responsible brands.

Aficionado Foods is about inclusion, not exclusion. While we focus on providing opportunities to those who historically have not had access to contract manufacturers and the resources that our ecosystem provides, we are here to support all brands that need a co-packer with our current and future capabilities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most important and successful food manufacturing and operations company for under-invested and underrepresented communities.


Measurable social impact metrics.


In ambitious and resilient F&B entrepreneurs and their brands.


Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within F&B entrepreneurship.


Via B2B & B2C channels through our in-house co-packing capabilities.


Underrepresented brands & founders who can unlock massive investment and innovation opportunities